I love the "gifts of the earth" to find balance and well-being and rediscover the magic that nature holds for us. In my work I combine essential oils and more each week and I want to ensure you can have the world’s most pristine oils delivered to your door, no matter where you are in the world. 
You can purchase the oils at retail prices, but most people decide to sign up as a dōTERRA Member due to the great value that a membership with dōTERRA brings, as it gives you 25% off the retail price and you can just hop online whenever and where ever you are when you want to place an order. 
 I will then welcome you into my oily tribe where you get ongoing support, training and a personal consult with myself (via zoom), plus extra support from the oily community. With this membership there is absolutely no obligation to buy again, resell or anything like that! 
With membership there are 2 options, 
I would recommend option 2 as this gives you the absolute best value. 
1) Pay the membership fee and select your oils and or products.  
2) Get one of the starter kits (enrolment kits) and the membership fee is waived! 

2 of the most popular starter kits are the Home Essentials Kit which has the top 10 starter oils in full 15ml size (except Ice Blue which is 5ml) plus a diffuser, all at a discounted price! there is also the Family Essentials Kit this has the top 10 oils in smaller 5ml size  however with Home essentials kit you get 3 times the oil plus a diffuser for less than 2 times the price of the Family Essentials Kit. 

 There is also have the amazing Nature's Solutions Kit for those looking to start with with more than just the top 10 oils and this comes with a large saving and a rewards bonus. 

There are 13 enrollment kits in total including some great wellness boxes, suck as the active sports wellness box that are of great value.

 I do a lot of my support online and have a private members only Facebook group, as well as some community groups that I can add you to, it doesn't matter where you are based, Prices vary in different countries/markets and if you have any questions, please contact me for further information. 
After enrollment there is also a totally awesome loyalty reward program that you can subscribe to, this gives you access to free product every month. 

1. Head to my website: 
2.  Select Join + Save at the top of the site 
3. ️Choose your Country 
4. Select Local (OTG) order (where you want product shipped from) 
5. Select account type, wholesale customer (WC) or Wellness Advocate (WA) as a WA you have the ability to sign up people under you and build your own tribe, and set up a business if you choose to. 
6. Enter Your Details IMPORTANT: Please make sure under Enroller ID it has 5993471 (McLeod. Andrew) Sponsor ID can be the same as Enroller for now. 
7. Select the kit or if you prefer not to get a kit at this stage and select your own oils/products you can select the Introductory Enrollment Packet and just add whatever you want in the additional items. Optional items you may want to add to your order: diffuser, skincare, body-care, Fractionated Coconut Oil for making rollers and diluting your oils (highly recommend). 
8. Enter Your Payment Details 

I will then be in touch to welcome you to my tribe and to book in your personal consult with me., this can  be either in person or online depending on your location.

* The membership gives you 25% off retail on purchases but no obligation to order again, or resell. It also welcomes you into my oily tribe where our focus is on education and empowerment. Through your journey with us I am committed to supporting you to learn the multitude of ways to use your oils for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being 💜💜💜 

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