DIY Bath Bombs

This is an easy recipe, possibly something to do from lock-down with the kids, it could be looked at as a science experiment due to the chemical reaction that takes place once the bath bombs have had enough time to "set".

 FYI... The ingredients other than the essential oils can be purchased online, or in-store through many aromatherapy supply stores,  I like using essential oils  from dōTERRA, please contact me if you would like to learn more about essential oils and why I choose to use dōTERRA.

Yield: This will depend on the size of your mould/s
Difficulty Level: Easy
Time:   30 mins to mix and form + drying time (see instructions below)

What you need
Sodium Bicarbonate  (Baking Soda)
Tricarboxylic Acid  (Citric Acid)
Magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts)
Corn Starch
10-12 drops of Essential Oil 
(I have listed some DIY blends that I like below)
Melted Coconut oil (not FCO)
Bath Bomb Mold

  1. In a separate  glass or stainless steel bowl mix wet ingredients.
  2. Very slowly incorporate wet ingredients into dry ingredients, if wet ingredients get added too quickly the mixture will begin to fizz, you want to avoid that from happening,  the mixture should be moldable  (wet sand consistency)
  3. Tightly pack the mixture  into each side of the mold until overflowing, press each half together,remove one half of the mold it should look tightly packed and feel firm when lightly touched, remove the other half of the mold then place the formed bath bomb onto a tray for drying, allow 24 - 48 hours drying time or place in a warm oven for a few hours.
  4. Store or gift in an air tight container to ensure maximum fizzing power, they should last up to 6 months stored this way, add bomb to a warm bath when your ready to use them

Relax, Respiratory, Energy, Sleep,  Luxury, 
Playtime (for the kids), Romance, Zen, Spa, Dry  Skin

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