New to Essential Oils? 

What is an essential oil? 

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from  plants, this could be from the roots, stems, blooms, bark, skin, leaves or seeds. 

Watch this short video to see how natures bounty is miraculously available to us. 

Essential Oils are amazing, powerful gifts of the earth.  

I can be  honest and say they are life changing in so many different ways!

There are abundant uses and applications for Essential Oils such as helping support wellness/fitness challenges, day to day living, using them with your kids, helping support  emotions, green cleaning around the house, weight management, plant based skin care, pure-fume's, to help you focus, enjoy more energy, daily supplements,  nutrition and so much more.

You are about to engage an exciting journey discovering all the amazing uses of Essential Oils.  You will discover how you can use individual oils and apply them topically on your skin, how you can us them aromatically by diffusing them, how you can ues them as flavouring and even use them with your cooking.  I will help you, every step of the way. 
You can create your own unique blends or purchase existing blends for a variety of uses.

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